Our Story

Central Baptist Church was started in August of 1959, with seven members and Rev. Johnny Hudson as pastor. Pastor Hudson led the church for seven years and in April of 1966 the church called Pastor Charles R. Dunn as its pastor. There were 13 members in attendance on Pastor Dunn's first Sunday. Pastor Dunn led the church through six major building programs and pastored the church for 40 years until his retirement in 2006 when Pastor Dunn's middle son Tim assumed the role of pastor. Pastor Tim Dunn led the church for 10 years.  He led the church through one major building program. Pastor Tim felt called away in 2016 when Pastor Doug Harris assumed the role of pastor.  The church is thriving and growing and continues its commitment to serving the Lord by loving others and standing firm on Biblical truth. We have a dramatically growing number of new Christians and young families, however we still value and maintain opportunities for the older generations to continue growing spiritually.

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